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WeStock is the crowdstocking app that allows you to discover new food and beverage products daily. Thousands of new brands launch every year by talented and inspiring entrepreneurs across the country, but almost 70% of those brands fail. WeStock brings you those products and allows you to support them in a new way. Just like crowdfunding helps turn ideas into reality, crowdstocking helps those ideas take flight and grow.

When you find a product on WeStock that you want to try, simply request it and we begin working with the brand and retailers to bring that item to your local shelves. When the item is available we will let you know which store fulfilled your request. This process helps brands grow their footprint in new markets while also exposing them to new customers like you. As the customer, WeStock helps you discover new products, influence your favorite retailers, and help support local makers grow their business. We believe that the future of retail is powered by the customer and WeStock provides a platform of transparency and influence that makes this change possible.

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